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This analysis shows that this poem has used literary devices to point out the importance of freedom before the Civil War era and even now. Although most of the poetic devices are part of literary devices, yet some devices are only used in poems. The analysis of some of the major poetic devices used in this poem is given here.

My Captain! Angelou Some women are able to do so and become great.

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For example, Momma is a successful black woman, who owns a store and is considered to be wealthy. She is able to overcome the condition she is submitted to by society and become the most successful black woman in Stamps. My light-blue eyes were going to hypnotize them… Angelou 2 Marguerite believes the only way to be a beautiful and successful woman is by being white.

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With the help of strong female role models in her family and community: Momma, Vivian, Grandmother Baxter, and Bertha Flowers, she is able to overcome her racist and sexist beliefs, succeed in her life and become the great woman she is known to be today. The novel shows how they fight against racism, sexism and prejudice, and how white people also experience prejudice from black people.

These themes are presented in the most realistic and crude way possible. In the end, Maya transforms from a victim of prejudice and racism with an inferiority complex to a self-confident young woman who is able to react to racism with dignity and pride.

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Want to know the price of your unique Paper? Get a Price. First, some background. He said it would be impossible to writ Wait, what?

For a novel with some pretty depressing themes and plotlines, this really is a funny book. Angelou really has a way w Then and NowWe have an announcement.

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Adult Maya is telling us a story about kid Maya. Okay, so maybe that's not news.

But we need to keep it in mind when thinking about Angelou's writing When you hear the words "I know why the caged bird sings," there's no doubt you think first of our author, Maya Angelou. But guess what, Shmoopers? It ain't original! The words were actually first Maybe being sixteen, single, and pregnant isn't everyone's idea of a happy ending, but Maya seems pretty content at the end of the novel, don't you think?

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Let's take a look at how things have wrapp This book is, as the English say, chock-a-block with literary and historical references.